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Disrupt shoppers with

Eyeline Posters.

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Premium print media at buy level.

Arguably one of New Zealand’s largest print media networks.
Eyeline posters can be utilised to reach Kiwi’s where they shop across all main mets and rural centres, redefining what a truly national medium actually means.

Eyeline posters provide a large, always on presence situated behind checkout across thousands of fuel, liquor and convenience stores. Our premium posters cannot be missed by shoppers and have been proven to drive compelling sales uplift results for FMCG particularly.

Not only an impulse purchase driving medium, we’ve also managed to impress a number of varying businesses with the ability of the medium to drive the public to action. Real Estate has been a particularly powerful case study with some agents experiencing phone inquiry increases of up to 20%.


The Eyeline poster network is one of New Zealand’s largest print based mediums with over 1300 individual retail locations on offer. As you can see from the map, the coverage is comprehensive giving advertisers the ability to reach a huge percentage of Kiwi’s where they shop.

Reach out for a conversation about how Hypermedia can help you drive incremental purchases in-store with the Eyeline Poster Network.