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Your one stop shop for shopper strategy, creative and execution.

We take a “store back” approach to shopper strategy and couple best practice creativity with unrivalled knowledge of what’s realistically achievable in-store.

This approach has helped us grow our value to brands immeasurably as they can feel confident in the knowledge that what they present to retailers can be achieved in retail environments in ways that will be supported and that will positively impact shoppers.

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Shopper Creative

Our “store back” approach to retail creative means that every concept we deliver has been through an exhaustive
in-store audit process to evaluate feasibility. Supported by some of the best strategic and design talent in the industry our solutions are both visually impactful and highly effective.

— GSK / Sensodyne


Field Services

We’re in-store across all Countdown and Foodstuffs banners every week supporting media and POS programmes.
Our field team is what really helps us stand out above the competition as we are that much more connected to store operations and what’s realistically achievable.

— Countdown Supermarkets / Shelf fin


Reach out for a conversation about how Hypermedia can assist in develop your retail environments into a powerful path to purchase media engine that delivers you compelling revenue return.