Our first GIANT floor in Sylvia Park

This week Hypermedia installed our first ever media campaign into Sylvia Park, the jewel in the crown of the Kiwi Property shopping centre empire. 

Ernest Adams were first to engage the Hypermedia team on our new mall channel using twin gigantic 3 metre x 3 metre floors to prime shoppers to consider purchasing from their Mini Treats range at point of entry to Countdown supermarket. 

This is not your average floor decal, the impact of these beasts has to be seen to be believed. 
We expect this format to be increasingly popular for FMCG brands given their unmissable size, constant presence and ability to execute right in front of Supermarket entrances across up to 14 leading shopping centres nationwide. 

The appeal of shopping centres from a media perspective is well documented, footfall figures are through the stratosphere and growing rapidly. Sylvia Park by way of example boasts more than 13.6 Million customers annually, that's around 1.1 Million every month. 

Ben Partington