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An array of shopper focused media channels that drive action.

Hypermedia has developed a range of powerful primarily shopper focused media channels that help agencies and their clients deliver communications to New Zealanders in unique and unexpected ways.

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Convenience Media

Our convenience media network and in-store billboards span every major city and rural center across New Zealand with an ever growing site list of more than 1500 individual retailers. These retailers are primarily made up of privately owned dairy convenience stores however we do also cater for advertising in large national fuel retailers like Caltex.


Shopping Centre Media

Hypermedia maintains strong relationships with multiple premium shopping centre networks across New Zealand.
In these environments, we take an ambient approach and opt to help brands access unique spaces with unexpected and disruptive print media formats.


Bespoke Ambient

We’re the team to touch base with if you’ve got a media concept that extends beyond the bounds of existing media infrastructure. Share your big in-store or outdoor idea with us and let’s set about making it happen.



retail locations

Our retailer network is the largest under management in New Zealand with over 1500 big brand and independent locations.


Exciting formats

Our unparalleled knowledge of print production techniques, materials and technology has helped us develop a unique suite of formats.



We’ve been developing and selling retail media channels for 10 years, we can help you deliver captivating campaigns quickly and cost effectively.


Reach out for a conversation about how Hypermedia can help you and your clients achieve more impactful and successful media campaigns with our unique channel opportunities.