b. 1986, HK.


New Zealand's most exciting media company

I've always marvelled at our ability to filter information of value and block that which we deem irrelevant to our needs. 
As soon as we get used to advertising formats, the likelihood of disruption diminishes exponentially. 

At Hypermedia, we believe that set specifications are the scourge of disruptive media. In order to make your messages truly unmissable, they have to presented to your target audience in unexpected ways that challenge the senses. 

Our suite of media opportunities across shopping centres, convenience stores, entertainment complex's and outdoor environments have been designed to be anything but formulaic. We give brands the freedom to create captivating campaigns that are positively unmissable. 

Ben Partington (CEO)
 (09) 302 0651
Mobile: 021 1900 113
Email: ben.partington@hypermedia.co.nz

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Site 3, Level 4, Suite 3, 30 St Benedicts St, Eden Terrace
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