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captivate shoppers with

Eyeline Digital.

A national network of unique digital screens proven to drive purchase decisions.

Hypermedia has always been focused on the creation of advertising mediums that have the ability to turn shoppers into buyers in retail environments. 

Our new Eyeline Digital Network is no exception offering New Zealand brands the ability to reach vast audience of fuel, liquor and convenience shoppers where they are in a purchase mindset. 

The Eyeline Digital Network leverages our massive footprint of static Eyeline poster stores which runs close to 2000 individual retailers. 

The 200 retailers we’ve partnered with to roll out Eyeline into in 2019 are some of the countries largest fuel and liquor chains such as Caltex, Mobil and Liquor Centre. 

Additionally we have selected a number of prime convenience retail locations which will give advertisers powerful presence in areas of the country where other out of home media channels don’t currently exist. 


The Eyeline digital network is growing every day by roughly four retailers. We’re currently advertising in 85 retailers across Auckland and Christchurch with our Wellington rollout of more than 25 digital screens. Keep checking back for updates on the Eyeline Digital Network’s growth.


Reach out for a conversation about how Hypermedia can help you drive incremental purchases in-store with the Eyeline Digital Network.